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Star-Ledger Op-Ed - Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019


Journalist * Writer * Commentator * Consultant

StruppFam-176.jpgI'm an award-winning reporter with nearly 30 years' experience in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and the Internet. My background spans nearly all beats, from the environment to sports, but with a focus during more than a decade on the media.
I've interviewed the likes of Rupert Murdoch, George W. Bush, Ben Bradlee and O.J. Simpson and spoken about media issues on Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, Voice of America, ABC News, and Sirius XM.
My writing has appeared in MediaWeek, San Francisco magazine, NJ Biz, New Jersey Monthly, Salon.com and Poynter.org. I am currently a staff writer at The Asbury Park Press.
longwalk.jpgMy newest book just released is A Long Walk Home, the true story of Carol Ann Farino, a pretty, popular New Jersey high school student who was strangled to death nearly 55 years ago, and whose killer was never found.

But more than just her story, it is also the tale of her younger sister, Cynthia, who was 11 at the time and remains in New Jersey. She spoke to me at length about what happened to her sister, the impact on her then and now, and how police seem to be ignoring her inquiries for information, records and help.

Many of Carol's former friends and classmates also offered clues and insight into this brutal crime that appears to have been poorly investigated and has impacted this community for decades.

You can get the book now at Amazon and other outlets, or if you email me at the contact below I am glad to send a signed copy
See the first three episodes of the companion podcast at Anchor.fm HERE.
oneonone.jpgI recently appered on One on One with Steve Adubato on PBS to discuss the book. See it HERE.
 Asbury Park Press Columnist Jerry Carino highlighted Carol's murder, the book and the impact of the tragedy on her sister, Cynthia, in a recent column.
The Record of North Jersey offered a great take from media columnist Jim Beckerman.
Patch.com offered a post on the book and story as well.

Early reviews:

“A Long Walk Home pulls the reader through, particularly with a late scene that speeds the pulse. We learn how every violent taking of human life sends out ripples that last lifetimes. I found this mystery from my usually peaceful town fascinating, especially as we face another tragic, as-yet-unsolved murder.”
Tina Kelley, co-author of Almost Home: Helping Kids Move from Homelessness to Hope. 
"For those who like true crime but don't know this stretch of New Jersey, and for those who know New Jersey and don't read much true crime, here's a book that will satisfy your tastes -- old and new."
Marc Aronson, author of Four Streets and a Square: A History of Manhattan and the New York Idea 
"Joe Strupp has an eye for stories that have gone mostly untold, an ear for the way the players in those stories might speak if given the chance, and the tools to bring those stories to light with heart and insight. 'A Long Walk Home,' his account of a murder that has haunted his community for over fifty years, shines meaningful light on the life and death of a young woman whose murder has never been solved.... True crime, well and truly told." 
Daniel Paisner, author of "A Single Happened Thing"
CrookedestStreet.jpgI'm very excited to share news that my first novel has been published by Amarna Books and Media of Maplewood, NJ.

The Crookedest Street follows the ins and outs of politicians and journalists in San Francisco of the 1990's. I spent most of that decade covering the City by the Bay and penned this fictional account.

The book tells the story of Billy Dale, San Francisco's cunningest, dirtiest, and most successful political consultant. A hard-bitten, gay, ex-New Yorker, he reaches his sweetest victory on Election Day 1991 when former police chief Jack Callahan wins an underdog race for mayor.
The book is available at Amazon.com, as well as other book outlets.
njmonthlyc.jpglucey.jpgMy last freelance piece was published in New Jersey Monthly.
It is an in-depth look at the American National Catholic Church, which launched 10 years ago in Glen Ridge, N.J., and now boasts three parishes in the Garden State and 10 in seven states overall.
The alternative church follows all Catholic sacraments, but with a more welcoming approach to gay members, gay and female priests, married clergy, and transgendered parishioners. They also require background checks on all priests. 
Read it HERE.
killingjournalismcover.jpgMy previous book, Killing Journalism: How Greed, Laziness (And Donald Trump) Are Destroying News And How We Can Save It, is published by Willow Street Press and is on Amazon.com.
It's an in-depth look at the real problems with today's news media -- from staff cutbacks and 24/7 demands for content to reduced advertising revenue, less support for press legal defense and fewer in-house watchdogs to keep the news fair and honest. 
And, of course, the impact of Donald Trump's constant war on the press and false claims of "fake news."
PBS NewsHour legend Jim Lehrer calls it "a book for anyone who cares about the past, present and future of a free press in our democratic society."
Order it online at Amazon.com HERE.
See more on the book, highlights from its findings, and what other media observers are saying about it HERE.
See my appearance on C-SPAN's Book TV HERE.
Read the great review in The Star-Ledger of New Jersey HERE
Read the extensive Q & A with Media Matters for America HERE.
Find out about my upcoming book signing appearances HERE.
Check out my media appearances discussing the book HERE.
See my presentation and Q & A at Norwalk Library HERE.
See my Star-Ledger Op-Ed on related issues HERE.
I have also branched out into teaching with media-related courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Rutgers University, as well as my own services as a writing coach and reporting advisor. See more on those options HERE. 
See some examples of my previous work below and find out how to hire me for most any news reporting, writing, editing or newsroom advisory project. 

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newtgingrich3.jpgJoe leads reporting on CNN/Newt disclosure issue. Joe broke the first word from CNN on its Newt Gingrich policy, then revealed it was broken and changed.

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sallyquinn-howardkurtz.jpgJoe breaks story on Sally Quinn/Howard Kurtz feud. Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn gave Joe her first angry comments about Kurtz's voyeuristic column about Quinn's daughter-in-law. Read HERE.




NJMonthlyLogo.jpgJoe's latest NJ Monthly piece on Montclair State's media program. In this article  from NJ Monthly, Joe explores the school's push to become a major center for media education.

armey-limbaugh-kibbe-beck-freedomworks.jpgJoe Reveals Secret Payments From Freedomworks To Glenn Beck. Joe broke the story that Freedomworks, a top conservative group that helped start the Tea Party, paid Glenn Beck $1 million annually for positive press. Former Freedomworks Chair Dick Armey disclosed it in an exclusive interview.




franklincenter.jpgJoe investigates right-wing group. The investigation into the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity exposed the group's right-wing financial ties as it expands coverage of state government to influence voters and legislation. The piece was a Mirror Awards finalist. Read more here.

njtv-public-media-nj.jpgJoe explores the re-birth of New Jersey public television. Read Joe's NJ Monthly article about New Jersey public television's status after state funding cuts.






JILL-ABRAMSON-large.jpgJoe interviews New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson. The first women editor of the grey lady weighed in on her job, coverage and the paper's future. Read it HERE.




 Patch_Illustration.jpgJoe Looks at the Ups and Downs of PATCH Online News Sites. Exploring the impact of Patch.com and other hyperlocal websites in the Garden State.


unionedgeradio.jpg Joe on Union Edge Radio. Joe discussed his story on Texas reporters critical of arrest threats during an abortion bill fight. Listen at about 5:00


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Joe spent eight years at  Media Matters for America His regular stories and interviews were a mainstay of the media watchdog website. See them HERE



Joe's decade-plus at Editor & Publisher magazine. With 11 years at E&P, Joe covered the biggest stories in the news industry. See them HERE.

Joe has appeared on NPR's On The Media several times.
Check out his appearances HERE.

 NJMonthlyLogo.jpgJoe has been writing for New Jersey Monthly for more than 10 years. Read his award-winning work HERE.

Joe on The O'Reilly Factor discussing media issues.


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