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Star-Ledger Op-Ed - Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019

My new book is Killing Journalism: How Greed, Laziness (And Donald Trump) Are Destroying News And How We Can Save It (Willow Street Press)
killingjournalismcover.jpgAfter 30 years in news, and the past 19 covering media, I've seen a lot of what is truly wrong with the industry -- not the slanted, left-leaning liberal control that some would have you believe. But true economic, credibility and political influence that has replaced much of the in-depth, fair-minded and necessary reporting with a dumbed down version seeking easy ratings and circulation, overcoverage of hyped stories and undercoverage of important issues, as well as outright inaccuracies.
Then there's Donald Trump, the most dishonest president ever who has sparked vicious attacks on the news media with his false claims of "fake news" and his effort to turn the public against truly fair and free journalists, while also backing some of the most discredited news sources.
Killing Journalism chronicles Trump's rise to the top on the back of the press in many cases, while at the same time building a careful attack against them, convincing millions that any bad news about him must be inaccurate and slanted. 
Advance praise for the book:
"Killing Journalism is a book for anyone who cares about the past, present and future of a free press in our demcoracy."
                               - Jim Lehrer, PBS NewsHour legend.
"Joe Strupp has written a vital book. His reporting is careful and judicious. And his writing is as clear as a church bell.  Yes, Strupp's book should be taught in journalism schools. But it deserves a wider audience."
                                 - Ken Auletta, media columnist, The New Yorker.
"Strupp provides a much-needed voice of sanity as he surveys today's media landscape, and all that's gone wrong. His knowledge and experience might even help us fix it."     
                              - Margaret Sullivan, media columnist, The Washington Post.

"If you wonder, as I often do, why news media diversity in the age of Donald Trump morphed into a contest of competing realities, Killing Journalism will help you to make sense of the nonsense. Award-winning media watchdog Joe Strupp has pulled years of research into a chilling explanation of what went wrong and, more important, useful suggestions for how we news workers and news consumers can make things right."

                              - Clarence Page, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, Chicago Tribune



"Donald Trump has been a media ringmaster since his early days as a New York businessman. In 'Killing Journalism,' Joe Strupp offers a keen eye and sharp perspective on the cascade of changes in America's media landscape since Trump first made his mark with the New York tabloids. From legacy newspapers to upstate social media sites, he offers a compelling narrative on the state of journalism today, with lessons for all of us in the media moving ahead."

                              - Steve Scully, C-SPAN political editor, host, Washington Journal



"An important new book about the precarious state of journalism in the modern era of audience-targeted corporate media."

                              - Michael Harrison, Talkers magazine editor


"Joe Strupp has been giving us tough and penetrating coverage of the news media since the '90s, and he has now shaken off the constraints of quick-turn analysis to produce a sweeping and sobering look at these decades of decline, along with a thoughtful look at the civic harm that decline continues to cause. If you want a thoroughly reported, one-stop chronicle of why we don't have the news media we need, this is it."

                             - Edward Wasserman, University of California Graduate School of Journalism dean.


"Joe Strupp, a respected reporter on the nation's news media, has produced a fascinating look at the landscape today. It's sobering - chronicling partisan attacks on the credibility of mainstream media and the economic forces that have led to smaller newsrooms and less coverage of important issues. But it also offers hope, particularly from the rise of strong non-profit outlets."

                              - Clark Hoyt, Pulitzer Prize-winning former Knight Ridder Washington editor 


"Joe Strupp is a professional media journalist with an observing eye, a passion for reporting, and the knowledge and connections to make a positive difference. We worked together when Joe was a media reporter for Editor & Publisher, and my experience with Joe remains a personal highlight."

                               - Marc Berman, Editor in Chief, Programming Insider


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